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Wadi Rum

photos David Kaszlikowski

„One of the greatest adventures to try in your lifetime.”  „A trek that takes on ancient trails through hidden canyons to the summits of the biggest formations in Jordan.”    The Telegraph Daily

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about mountains, treasures and our tour

wadi rum tour

  Vast open spaces, huge „plasticine” like sandstone walls, red dunes…Visit to Wadi Rum is like journey to another planet. In fact, its Arabic name translates as: valley of the moon. Landscape here is so special, it was chosen as a background for Hollywood hits such as Ridley Scott’s „The Martian” (with M.Damon),  “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”  or “Lawrence of Arabia”- praised as one of the best adventure films ever. In 2011 Wadi Rum was designated as UNESCO World Heritage site for its natural and cultural significance.

When you sit on the top of the mountain, quietly watching sunset here, it is easy to forget this timeless, pristine landscape has been inhabited by many cultures since prehistoric times. There are over 30 documented archealogical sites holding spectacular treasures from as early as 4000 years ago.

There are ancient inscriptions and petroglyphs, steps carved by nabatean hunters, there is even ancient Beduin map made hundreds years ago as a signpost for thirsty camel caravans.

Now, it is 500m high mountain walls and labirynths of canyons made Wadi Rum one of the top adventure destinations among hikers and climbers. During our tour we’ll sample some of the best mountain trails on the planet, visit rock arches, sleep under the stars, meet proud and friendly Beduins.

Vast scenery of Wadi Rum  desert, its  fairy-tale mountains and canyons are main destination of our tour. However we will also visit other Jordanian gems – ancient city of Petra and Dead Sea. Get ready for fairy-tale adventure !

Wadi rum adventure tour


Highlights and Activities

  • Unique journey through the most spectacular canyons and rock arches of Wadi Rum. In style inaccesible for regular tourist.  With rope abseils and secret passages.
  • Visiting Mars-like scenery portrayed in spectacular films such as “The Martian” or   “Lawrence of Arabia”, including Red Dunes.
  • Desert camps.  Admiring sunsets and stars in pristine locations.
  • Authentic meeting  with Beduins – our hosts and guides in the desert. We cooperate with respected Al-Zalabieh clan. We will stay in their desert campments witnessing Beduin lifestyle.
  • Delicious traditional food (with Western supplements), examples of original Bedu kitchen.
  • Ride the camels and catch the wind on Beduin pick up jeeps.
  • Relax in luxury desert camp with tent alleys called Mars and Jupiter.
  • Ancient rock inscriptions.
  • Petra – ancient city carved in red stone. Incredible facades and temples. Jordan’s main attraction and treasure. Filmed for „Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.
  •  Petra – A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. We focus on best places, with special dinner and evening among the monuments.


  • Guided traverse of Jebel Rum massif  (second highest peak in Jordan), with bivouac under the stars. Exposed trails. Multiple abseils.  GREAT ADVENTURE. (Technically easy , with guides)   Depending on your fitness and duration of tour.
  • Dead Sea –  It was one of the world’s first health resorts.   Its surface and shores are 430.5 metres (1,412 ft) below sea level, Earth’s lowest elevation on land. Because of its salinity you don’t need to swim in it, you just float. Chance to admire huge  crystals of salt hanging on the banks of the lake. (depending on tour duration)
  • Amman-capital city. (depending on arrival airport location)
  • Hot air baloon flight. Sunrise over the desert. 
  • For climbers: guided multipitch climbing.

wadi rum adventure tour

Difficulty level

Tour characteristics:

Adventure tour. Desert and mountains of Wadi Rum are main attractions of the trip. We will show you greatest highlights of Jordan. Our adventure however is a mix of effort and relax. With some rock scrambling, exposed trails, camel riding (easy), rope abseiling.  You can expect to be tired sometimes, but in the same time we provide great, sometimes luxury campments and hotels.


During our  tour we will stay mostly at Beduin desert camps (great traditional + western food/beverages, running water available), luxury desert camp (hot showers,  delicious buffet food). We plan at least 1-2 wild bivies under the stars (in your own sleeping bag). In Petra area we stay in comfy relaxing hotel.


Moderate. Technically easy, but occassionally demanding longer activity.  With some exposed passages secured with rope by guides.    You don’t need to be a climber to participate.


Basic rope abseiling skills needed. We organize abseiling excercises after arrival to Wadi Rum (and in the gyms before the trip). Be sure all ropes will be secured by your guide. You will be supervised during abseiling at all times.

Wadi rum adventure tour


Packing and equipment guidelines 

To be ready for our adventure you should check basic list of the equipment below. You will receive more detail guidelines after booking. Please remember – pack light !

  • Comfy walking shoes or approach shoes (no need for sturdy trekking boots), Solid (not slippery) sole to keep you stable. Rock is abrasive here, bring light but solid shoes.
  • General clothing guideline is: be ready for the sun but expect cold breeze in the evening. Which means you should pack some warmer clothes (including light down jacket) for cold evenings, but you will wear light cotton, long sleeve clothes most of the day.
  •  Rain jacket (paclite or any light jacket).
  • Light sleeping bag – preferably down, best: comfort around 5 deg C.
  • Bivy matt  (like Therm-a-rest, or other lightweight matt for sleeping),
  • Headlamp
  • UV sunscreen.
  • Moisturazing lipstick. It is dry here.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Hat – to cover from the sun
  • 2 liofilizate food packages for 1 dinner, 1 breakfast. You need it for  under-the-stars bivy in the mountains.
  • Climbing harness. Light as possible. Be sure it fits you. If you don’t own one, please borrow. You can ask us.
  • For climbers: climbing shoes, helmet, chalk bag.

Dates and Booking:

  • April 2-9 2022 / adventure tour  “Jordan’s best adventures” Small group of participants guided by award winning photographer and mountain guide. We’ll focus on mountain trekking and desert adventures in Wadi Rum, Petra, Wadi Mujib (refreshing easy canyoning), Dead Sea, Amman/ price 1300 Euro
  • 30.10-6.11. 2022/ adventure photo-tour focused on Wadi Rum desert. We’ll visit UNESCO World Heritage sites – Wadi Rum and Petra, Wadi Mujib (river canyoning), Dead Sea.  Team will focus on artistic portraiture of huge rock arches, mountain canyons, desert dunes, ancient monuments, rock climbing and off-road expedition. We’ll meet and photograph real life desert people – Bedouins in their element.   This is an exclusive photo-tour with some luxury camps and desert bivys as well/ price: 1700 Euro
  • 27.12.2022 – 3.01.2023/ adventure tour/ NEW YEAR’s DAY in the desert camp. We’ll have a nice little party in our desert camp plus thousands of stars in the sky…. you can check out  2018/19 tour gallery here. Main focus of the tour are Wadi Rum mountains. / price 1200 Euro

Ask and Book

Included in price: Guided tour with skilled mountain climbing instructor and pro photographer, Beduin guides./  Full accomodation: desert campments, hotels, wild bivies with tents. / All transportation within Jordan (for teams arriving from Aqaba/Eilat. Arrivals from Amman not included)/ Food – most meals, except arrival and departure day, and Petra./  Mountain equipment: ropes, slings, cams.

Exclusions:  Flight ticket.  There are many economic flights available within Europe. We provide full assistance here./ Visa and Petra ticket fees (ca. 60 Euro)./  Dining in Petra./  Your additional drinks./  Tips.

Jebel Rumm traverse
Red Dune
At Dead Sea
Top of J.Rum
Abseil to Great Siq
Wild bivy
Luxury desert camp
Desert Camp
on top of Ar- Raqa with Ali Eid
Traditional bread

Wadi rum adventure tour

Photo gallery


 We’ve been happy to cooperate with David Kaszlikowski on his adventure tours since few years now. We support his groups and kindly invite them to our desert camps.

David and Eliza are regular visitiors to Wadi Rum. They are not only explorers who have been climbing new routes here, but they also write articles and create exciting photographs. We definitely recommend their professional but also fresh (no so typical trails) approach.

     Salman Eid Al–Zalabeh

 I was flying my paraglider in many places. I was diving in many countries, however Wadi Rum tour was one of my best travels of all time. We've experienced real desert, we’ve been far from civilization, sometimes with no mobile signal. Total relax. It was great to meet Beduins and see their lifestyle. Mountains and climbing itself is simply awesome there. Its been a few weeks since our tour, and I still feel refreshed and full of positive energy. If you’re looking for holiday adventure call David, pack your backpack, and have fun.

Andrzej Dębowski

If you want to spend good time, meet great people and actively see the desert you gonna like this tour. I went with Eliza and David and have to say our travel was perfectly organized. Its incredible we’ve managed to see so many places in just 1 week. In the same time we ‘ve been tested a bit - there were canyons, serious trekking, some rock climbing. I'm not an „organized tour type”, just a contrary, but this trip was unusual – there was no awkward "borderline" between guides and rest of our group, just feeling of partnership and super adventure. You have my recommendation !

Justyna Ratajczak

Thank you very much for the thoughtful arrangements, beautiful scenery and your help and care during our tour.

ha Rong (chengdu, china)