We’ve been happy to cooperate with David Kaszlikowski on his adventure tours since few years now. We support his groups and kindly invite them to our desert camps.

David and Eliza are regular visitiors to Wadi Rum. They are not only explorers who have been climbing new routes here, but they also write articles and create exciting photographs. We definitely recommend their professional but also fresh (no so typical trails) approach.

     Salman Eid Al–Zalabeh

 I was flying my paraglider in many places. I was diving in many countries, however Wadi Rum tour was one of my best travels of all time. We've experienced real desert, we’ve been far from civilization, sometimes with no mobile signal. Total relax. It was great to meet Beduins and see their lifestyle. Mountains and climbing itself is simply awesome there. Its been a few weeks since our tour, and I still feel refreshed and full of positive energy. If you’re looking for holiday adventure call David, pack your backpack, and have fun.

Andrzej Dębowski

If you want to spend good time, meet great people and actively see the desert you gonna like this tour. I went with Eliza and David and have to say our travel was perfectly organized. Its incredible we’ve managed to see so many places in just 1 week. In the same time we ‘ve been tested a bit - there were canyons, serious trekking, some rock climbing. I'm not an „organized tour type”, just a contrary, but this trip was unusual – there was no awkward "borderline" between guides and rest of our group, just feeling of partnership and super adventure. You have my recommendation !

Justyna Ratajczak

Thank you very much for the thoughtful arrangements, beautiful scenery and your help and care during our tour.

ha Rong (chengdu, china)