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wadi rum tour

  Vast open spaces, huge „plasticine” like sandstone walls, red dunes…Visit to Wadi Rum is like journey to another planet. In fact, its Arabic name translates as: valley of the moon. Landscape here is so special, it was chosen as a background for Hollywood hits such as Ridley Scott’s „The Martian” (with M.Damon),  “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”  or “Lawrence of Arabia”- praised as one of the best adventure films ever. In 2011 Wadi Rum was designated as UNESCO World Heritage site for its natural and cultural significance.

When you sit on the top of the mountain, quietly watching sunset here, it is easy to forget this timeless, pristine landscape has been inhabited by many cultures since prehistoric times. There are over 30 documented archealogical sites holding spectacular treasures from as early as 4000 years ago.

There are ancient inscriptions and petroglyphs, steps carved by nabatean hunters, there is even ancient Beduin map made hundreds years ago as a signpost for thirsty camel caravans.

Now, it is 500m high mountain walls and labirynths of canyons made Wadi Rum one of the top adventure destinations among hikers and climbers. During our tour we’ll sample some of the best mountain trails on the planet, visit rock arches, sleep under the stars, meet proud and friendly Beduins.

Vast scenery of Wadi Rum  desert, its  fairy-tale mountains and canyons are main destination of our tour. However we will also visit other Jordanian gems – ancient city of Petra and Dead Sea. Get ready for fairy-tale adventure !