possible services for you


Without proper equipment and technology any exploration would be difficult. During our trips we use carefully selected hi-quality products to support our efforts as well as record and display our discoveries visually.  For instance, our upcoming expedition will use drones, hammocks/suspended tents, solar panels, dehydrated/freeze-dried food, isotonic drinks, energy bars, drills and climbing bolts, ropes, climbing shoes etc.         
We seek your kind cooperation!

In exchange we offer to strengthen your brand image by providing media exposure and quality imagery in your name. Some examples of our services:

  • Short adventure films with your products visible. A video link will be attached to written expedition reports. In our experience videos shared within news reports merely adds editorial value to the report.
  • Your brand/info/address in international media (some titles listed above).
  • Product Reviews.
  • Professional video footage for your online presentations and printing (if agreed).
  • Professional photo-session with your product.
  • Guided adventure tour and photo-tours for you. (separate agreements.)
  • Talks and presentations for corporate events/meetings.

You can contact us directly at:  infoATverticalvision.pl,  David Kaszlikowski (0048) 601297708,  Jonas Wallin: jonaswallin@live.se