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photo A.Petit

exploration 2019

Last unclimbed mountain

Our mission

Even deeper within Tiomans jungles lies yet another unclimbed mountain. Rumors of its existence had been circulating amongst explorers of the region for years but, hidden by wilderness, it was only recently that any information regarding its access or climbing potential was gained. During the establishment of Fever Dreams in 2016, aerial imagery gained through a drone flight has made it possible for David and Jonas to plan its exploration. The exploration of what may well be the last untouched cliff on Tioman could lead to some very exciting discoveries.

The 2019 project will focus not only on reaching and climbing the mountain but also leaving behind a well-protected route as well as a new jungle trail for future visitors. The mission will involve a lot of hard work, from establishing a trail through heavy jungle to the hauling of equipment along it, uncomfortable nights at the base of the mountain and finally finding a route up the cliff itself.

exploring from the air

The team will use drones for further scouting and as support when establishing the new jungle trek. We will deploy our drone from jungle clearings to find or correct our path.  Aerial video footage of the adventure will be available to our partners.

We love to film from the air.  In fact, we have been operating drones since 2013 as well as during our expedition to Karakorum (filming at elevations over 5000m asl- The Guardian gallery HERE) where we filmed our award-winning documentary “K2.Touching the sky”. After that expedition David Kaszlikowski won the DJI international photo contest along with number of other international prizes. There were also world-wide publications about David’s other photo, which was only possible thanks to drone recon (check HERE).


David is currently working on a photo-book with stories from about 18 years of mountain explorations on Tioman. We encourage sponsorship cooperation. Our main sponsors will be featured in the book.


Reports of our exploration will be published in popular magazines. Check screen below.