"This year's mountain movie at HotDocs stands mighty high", ..."moments of breathtaking awe on par with Free Solo.... " .

Pat Mullen (POV magazine)

Visually powerful as well as calm and multi-layered film... Revealing story of the clash between two different worlds...  Discreet but convincing call for humility.

walter gasperi (

The Wall of Shadows...something really beautiful, really captivating...

top 5 picks - hotDocS 2020

Best Polish Film

XXV Ladek Zdroj Mountain festival

Audience Award - Silesian voivodeship

XvII Millenium Docs against gravity Festival

Film Elizy Kubarskiej przywołuje majestat gór w zapierających dech w piersiach obrazach, ale także zwraca uwagę na problemy zglobalizowanego świata, w którym tradycja i duchowość zanikają.

Irene Genhart, Cineman (sui)

...contains impressive depictions of nature...conflict between east and west, rich and poor. ...filmed in very demanding circumstances, and the result is extraordinary. The winner of Documentaire Extraordinaire 2020 is The Wall of Shadows.

Bergen int. Film Festival JURY (NOrway)

[/slide] outstandingly filmed, mystical work that contrasts the fate of the local Sherpas with the ambitions of western mountaineers.

Michael Meyns (

The Wall of Shadows works like thriller... Kubarska creates great scenes, with uttermost respect toward the mountains.

Michael Kuratli (