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'Walking Under Water' is an exquisite and lyrical experience. The grand beauty and awe of cinema. HotDocs Jury 

The winner, David Kaszlikowski prevailed over 2600 photographers from almost 90 countries to win our Grand Prix!  IMS Photo Contest... has become the largest mountain photo competition on earth.

International Mountain Summit JURY

'K2. Touching the Sky' is a masterpiece of movie storytelling. Archive material and new imagery blend seamlessly together, bringing the lost loved ones back to us one more time.


'What happened on Pam island' got more votes than the Banff World Tour films… 

Allan Brown, Dundee Mountain Film Festival


'Walking Under Water' is "deeply moving account of human struggle in the natural and spirit worlds".

Los Angeles film festival Jury

'K2. touching the sky' led us down a provocative and honest path of questioning the price of mountain motivation, love, and ultimately the fine balance of life and death. ...compels the audience to keep looking within their own lives."


Polish photographer David Kaszlikowski took a series of stunning photographs of a glacier in the Karakoram region of Pakistan while on a film expedition.

the guardian


"Badjao. Duchy z morza" to prawdziwie kinowa opowieść - pięknie zrealizowana, z zapierającymi dech w piersi panoramami i zdjęciami podwodnymi, ale też inteligentna i wrażliwa.

Canal+ review


Photos by David Kaszlikowski voted among "the most stunning drone pictures of 2014" by Dronestagram.

BBC News

"What happened on Pam island"  filmed... to capture not just the feats of mountaineering, but also their own beautiful (and complicated) romance. This original climbing film reveals new motivation to conquer the unclimbed: a kiss at the top.

Telluride Mountain Film Festival

W błyskotliwym dokumencie Elizy Kubarskiej kamera niczemu się nie dziwi, na bohaterów nie patrzy jak na egzotyczną ciekawostkę, a ich świat - zbudowany z wody, ciszy i głębokich wierzeń - odsłania przed widzem stopniowo.

Paweł T.Felis, WYBORCZA

"What happened on Pam Island" will have you gripping your seat...

Telluride mountain film festival review