About us

productions by  Eliza Kubarska and David Kaszlikowski

Adventure  photography and  filmmaking is our speciality. We focus on human stories with nature-inspired background.

Expedition filming.  Difficult access photoshots. Camera work high on the mountain wall,  underwater photography, aerial filming (drone piloting). If you’re looking for a fit and effective team with such skills. Here we are!



Film Director, Producer, Editor


david kaszlikowski_photby ElizaKubarska


Photographer, Cameraman, Author


Eliza by profession:

  • Graduate of Academy of Fine Arts (sculpture, video arts) and Wajda School of Film Directing in Warsaw (Poland). Scholar of the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art.
  • Documentary filmmaker. Focused on human stories with enviromental background. Author of award winning feature documentaries:
  • “What happened on Pam Island” (aka “ Mountain Love Story”, distributed by First Hand Films, 63’, 2010/11)  Grand Prix winner of Teplice n. Mentuji Mountain Film Festival  and “Mario Bello” award at Trento Film Festival.
  • “Walking Under Water” (76’, 2014) winner of  multiple awards including Hot Docs Jury Prize (Toronto, Canada), winner of Palm Springs Festival and Los Angeles Film Festival honorable mention (USA) .
  • “K2 Touching the Sky” (72’, 2015), premiered at Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland), screened at IDFA (Amsteram), Grand Prix winner of Kendal Mountain Festival (UK), Best Feature Film award in BANFF (Canada), Best Director award at  Bilbao Mendi Festival (Spain), Alpine Camera in Gold in Graz (Austria).
  • shorts: “Mama, Tata i Ja” (“Mom, Dad and me”, 6’, 2003), video-installation “Klatka” (“The cage”, 9’, 2004) , “Mexico- another dimension” (2007).
  • since 2008, a head of Vertical Vision Film Studio (documentary and adventure films production).
  • Speaker. Her talks include incentive presentations (for corporate clients) and  masterclasses for festivals and student audience.

Eliza by passion:

  • Rock climber and traveler. One of the few women in the world, climbing new routes (first ascents) on big wall (multi-pitch) mountain walls. For twenty years of climbing she has participated in number of expeditions from (to name a few):  Greenland, Karakorum in Pakistan, Mali, Vietnam, Jordan, Malaysia, Australia or Mexico. Together with David Kaszlikowski she has formed one of the most active exploring teams on Polish mountaineering scene. (Read about first ascents at David’s bio).
  • Certified climbing instructor. (routes up to 8a RP, 7c OS).
  • Advanced diver (PADI).

David by profession:

  • Photographer and cameraman.  Primarily climbing photography specialist, broaden his interest to aerial (piloting RC multicopters) and underwater photography.
  • His images has been published on the front covers of the biggest mountain mags. such as: Rock+Ice, Alpinist (USA), Vertical, Grimper (FR), Desnivel (Spain) …
  • He’s been cooperating also with National Geographic, Nat Geo Traveler (Polish editions), Outside (China) etc. Over 10 years of cooperation with Polish climbing mag GORY – with numerous cover stories + essays.
  • Cameraman for media clients such as: ESPN, Discovery Channel, HBO.
  • Winner of prestigious photo-contests incl. :  Grand Prix of IMS (Tirol/Austria);  Memorial Maria Luisa (SP) ; Grand Press Photo (PL); Lens Culture – Earth Award(USA).
  • Speaker. His talks include incentive, for corporate clients, and educational presentations for festivals and student audience. Photography workshops co-author.
  • Author of numerous essays and articles on mountaineering and traveling.

David by passion:

  • Climber. Mountain explorer. Selected first ascents: Mali (first ascent of 450m line (7b) in Hand of Fatima massif),  Himalaya (virgin peak, 5650m asl  in remote part of Miyar Valley, first Polish expedition with M.Król), Greenland (first ascents of 3 lines over 1000m long, including 1 virgin peak, Torsukattak fjord, first Polish expediton), Jordan (2 first ascents up to 7c, in desert gorge around Wadi Rum), Alaska (1200m first ascent led mostly by M.Tomaszewski and K.Belczynski, nominated to Piolet D’Or),  Malaysia (first ascents on 300m wall, up to 7b+, first Polish exped.), Mexico (first ascent 300m, 7b+), Vietnam (first ascents up to 7c, first Polish climbing exploration, one of the first climbing teams ever), Morocco (2 new big wall lines (up to 7c+) including 700m high wall of Tagouimt Tsouiannt – arguably the second highest wall in Africa, first Polish climbing exped. in Taghia area). He also climbed in places like Madagascar, China, Dolomites, Alps etc.  Most of those explorations were executed by unusually small team, only with Eliza Kubarska.
  • After series of solo climbs on high buildings (mostly ropeless) media called Kaszlikowski – “Polish Spiderman” (;-))). (Climbs inc.: 140m tall Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, Swiętokrzyski bridge (200m), Polsat TV center (70m), Fimm Tower (100m, unfinished)).
  • Certified climbing instructor. (climbed routes up to 8b/b+ rp, 7c+os, M10+).


our services


Commercial photoshots. Outdoor and studio session, often with massive lightning sets.

Editorial assignements. 
We've cooperated with multiple  international titles. We deliver photo-essays as well as full written stories.

Aerial images. Documentation from the drones.

Fine Art Prints. High quality, big format prints. On elegant photographic paper.  

Calendars. Assignements, stock licensing.

Photo editing. Preparation for printing.

film / video

Film production. From the first script, troughout development, to production and final work.

Developement and Research. We help organize filming, we do research for your project.

Film directing. Eliza cooperates on full spectrum of artistic projects and  assignements.

Filming. Camera work in unusual, difficult locations. Underwater, on the mountain walls, and from the the air - using drone systems.

Editing. From shorts to feature films, trailers, music videos. Postproduction.


Lectures, presentations. Entertaining multimedia shows for variety of clients.

Exhibitions.  Hi quality prints for photo- galleries and various exhibition venues. David Kaszlikowski biggest exhibition to date was "Pocztówki zza krawędzi" (Postcards beyond the edge). It had thousands of viewiers in Poland. Edition of "Postcards"  was presented also in Vancouver (Canada) at its Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF).

Climax magazine (Austria)
our covers: Vertical (multilanguage editions), R+I (USA), Gravity (Mexico)
National Geographic TRAVELER (ed.PL)
Góry mag, Rock+Ice (USA)
Outside (CHINA)
Climb (UK), Zwierciadło (PL)
Escalar (Spain) - DK portfolio
National Geographic TRAVELER, portfolio
our covers
our covers
our covers
National Geographic TRAVELER (PL); Desnivel (Spain)
Vertical (5 language editions), against gravity (Mex)
Poznaj Świat (Pl), Góry (Pl)
our covers (PL and Italy)

selected clients

clients, publications

We’ve been lucky to cooperate with wide range of international brands and magazines.  Our images has been published on the covers of biggest mountain and travel magazines, as well as regular newspapers.   Some works have been published  in calendars, guidebooks, posters, DVD covers etc… Eliza Kubarska’s award-winning films have been screened internationally.

selected corporate clients

Sony Ericsson – film series assignment,  Hilti – calendar assignments,  Petzl France – catalog photos, Koło – studio sessions catalogs,  La Sportiva (USA) –  photo licensing, Marabut – assignments, photo licensing, Alvika – assignments, Nepa – catalog assignment, Tendon – photo licensing, lectures;  Kailas – sport event assignments, posters  Yeti – catalog photography; Volkswagen – presentation; PKO B.P. – presentation; Lafarge – video assignment; Hannah – photo licensing

SELECTED publications

National Geographic (Polish edition), Outside – photo-essay, Red Bulletin – feature, National Geographic Traveler – articles, photo-essays, promo images  Rock + Ice – cover, feature, photo-essays. Alpinist – cover, Vertical – covers, feature stories, gallery shots, UP – covers, feature story, Grimper – features, cover,  Alpin – gallery, Desnivel – covers, feature, Climbing – assignment, Montana – feature, gallery  Climb – feature story, Climax – feature story, gallery  Gory – covers, multiple features, essays; The Guardian – photo essay,  Daily Mail photo essays; Newsweek – stock licensing, Der Spiegel – stock licensing , The India Times  – photo-essay,  Weather.com – feature Wired.com – photo-essay, interview,  Twój Styl – assignements, stock licensing, Zwierciadło – stock licensing; Guidebooks e.g Sardinia, Yangshuo, Mexico, Books: “Plus belles montagnes du monde”, “Atem der Berge“,  Calendars for e.g. Desnivel, Hilti.

SELECTED Media cooperation

HBO Europe – cooproduction ; ARTE/ZDF – cooproduction ; ESPN –  cameraman; TVP1 – cooproduction ; Discovery Channel – cameraman ; TLC – series cooperation, aerial fotage; Servus TV  – cooproduction

selected awards


  • Trento Int.Film Festival (IT) - Golden Gentian, best film on alpinism                                   (16' - K2...), Mario Bello award (11'- Pam island).
  • Banff Mountain film festival  (Can) - best feature film (K2...)
  • Hot Docs (Toronto, Can) - Special Jury Prize (Walking Under Water)
  • International Film Festival Teplice n.Mentuij (Cz), Grand Prix  11' (Pam...), Grand  Prix 16'(K2...).
  • Kendal Film Festival (UK) - Grand Prix  (K2...)
  • Graz International Film Festival (Austria) - Alpine Camera in Gold winner (K2...)
  • Sarasota Film Festival (USA) - documentary winner  (Walking...)
  • Wildlife International Film Festival (USA) - Visionary Award (Walking...)
  • Bilbao/Mendi Film Festival (Spain) - Best Director (K2...)
  • Human Doc (Pl) - Grand Prix  (Walking...)
  • Los Angeles Film Festival (USA) - honorary mention (Walking...)
  • Sopot Film Festival - experiment category winner (Mama, Tata i ja)




  • IMS (international mountain summit) Photo Contest (Tirol) - GRAND PRIX
  • Grand Press Photo (Pl) - category Award
  • Memorial Maria Luisa (Spain) - category Winner
  • Memorial Maria Luisa - 3 special mentions
  • Oasis photo Contest  (Italy) - special mention
  • Lens Culture (USA) - Earth Award, category Winner
  • DJI international aerial photography contest - Winner
  • Vancouver International  Festival (VIMFF) - category Winner
  • International Mountain Photography Contest "Space of Life"- 1st Award (sport category)
  • International Mountain Photography Contest "Space of Life"(Zakopane): special    Jury Prize


'Walking Under Water' is an exquisite and lyrical experience. The grand beauty and awe of cinema.

The winner, David Kaszlikowski prevailed over 2600 photographers from almost 90 countries to win our Grand Prix!  IMS Photo Contest... has become the largest mountain photo competition on earth.


'K2. Touching the Sky' is a masterpiece of movie storytelling. Archive material and new imagery blend seamlessly together, bringing the lost loved ones back to us one more time.


'What happened on Pam island' got more votes than the Banff World Tour films… 



Wielu o dalekich wyprawach marzy, ale tylko nieliczni naprawdę wyruszają w nieznane, przed siebie. Do takich osób należy dokumentalistka Eliza Kubarska, która pasję podróżniczą połączyła z filmową...


'Walking Under Water' is "deeply moving account of human struggle in the natural and spirit worlds".


'K2. touching the sky' led us down a provocative and honest path of questioning the price of mountain motivation, love, and ultimately the fine balance of life and death. ...compels the audience to keep looking within their own lives."


Polish photographer David Kaszlikowski took a series of stunning photographs of a glacier in the Karakoram region of Pakistan while on a film expedition.


(Walking Under Water) ...a story of poverty, dignity, suffering, but also of love for freedom and for a sublime and hostile nature... A sad, beautiful and poetic documentary. Neorealist!

 WWF Italia Prize Jury, Gran Paradiso Film Festival

Photos by David Kaszlikowski voted among "the most stunning drone pictures of 2014" by Dronestagram.


"What happened on Pam island"  filmed... to capture not just the feats of mountaineering, but also their own beautiful (and complicated) romance. This original climbing film reveals new motivation to conquer the unclimbed: a kiss at the top.


W błyskotliwym dokumencie Elizy Kubarskiej kamera niczemu się nie dziwi, na bohaterów nie patrzy jak na egzotyczną ciekawostkę, a ich świat - zbudowany z wody, ciszy i głębokich wierzeń - odsłania przed widzem stopniowo.